What Makes Lamborghini Wheels Different From The Rest?

 Lamborghini offers a lot of features that differentiate it from other vehicles out there. First of all, the design of the wheels is the first primary difference. For each vehicle, the manufacturer maintains exclusivity as far as the design details are concerned. In this article, we are going to talk about some unique features of Lamborghini that make it different from the rest. Read on to find out more.

Different Wheel Sizes

In the Lamborghini Aventador S model, you can find different sizes of the wheels from back to front. The front rims measure 20 inches, while the back ones measure 21 inches. In this model, you have aluminum alloy wheels. Since this is a brand-specific model, it has a different wheel diameter.

Larger Rims on the Back

This is an important question. And the answer is that putting bigger rims on rear-wheel-drive models is not recommended because of performance reasons. The mentioned model is available in both AWD and RWD. In the case of rear-wheel drive addition, wheels with a bigger diameter have more of the wheel surface in contact with the road. This is an ideal choice as far as design and engineering are concerned.

In the case of AWD models, both rear and front wheels do the same amount of work, but the vehicle's weight shifts backward. During a sports event, this larger contact area supports the vehicle to make it more stable.


Having larger rear wheels helps boost performance. However, there are other reasons why Lamborghinis have larger rims in the back. The larger rims in the back elevate the rear axle, which gives it an aggressive visual, especially during fast driving.

Customized Wheels for each Model

In some models, Lamborghini uses exclusive wheels, and their details make each model stand out from the other models. For instance, the Murcielago Reventon comes with Alcoa wheels. They are provided exclusively for this brand.

This vehicle features special wheels that have a special appearance. The front wheels measure 18 by 9 inches, while the rear wheels measure 18 by 13 inches. These wheels are directional specific and each unit is forged from one aluminum block.

This is a unique process of making the wheels. Each unit is machined to create a unique style that is both strong and lightweight. Lastly, the wheels of the vehicle are finished with a Lamborghini bright black coating and carbon fiber winglets.

The Wheels are Model-Specific

This model of Lamborghini has exclusively designed wheels. Although it is not the specialty of this automaker, they take it to the next level of extremes. They give special importance to wheels as they have a great impact on the performance and looks of the vehicle.

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